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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A lesson in Dissonace...

Go Outside, by Cults on Vimeo.

This video shocked me. I felt the dissonance of this video with the combination of the innocent, balmy feeling, sweet sing along nature of the music and having researched and known of the story of the Jonestown Massacre before watching . Being a Libra I experienced both the disturbingly appropriate and disturbingly un-appropriate jolt to this video. As Alan Watts says "A push from the left is a pull from the right." In the end as a form of art I believe it hit its mark. I think the band and the director have done a fine job of creating something arousing and ballsy. If you agree with it or not is something entirely different. I understand that such a move by the band and the director of this video is controversial. People have already shared their opinions and views on it. Calling it "exploitive" and "done in bad taste" as well as those who agree that it is okay because it "re-tells and humanizes the story of The Peoples Temple". Its no question that this video is haunting, shocking and again controversial, given the result of many of the people in the footage. Its worthy to note that before this video was released the survivors of "The Peoples Temple" were contacted and showed the video. They were appreciative of it. I thought that this was a smart move by the director and the band. If the survivors of "The Peoples Temple" had in anyway felt this video was dissatisfying to them and didn't want it released and was subsequently released I would have been offended. For them to approve of it means everything.

I think the music and perhaps part of the goal of the "Cults" aesthetic matches well with this video at least for this song. I had always felt that hearing this type of music which is very saccharine and kid like in this day and age or rather after all the injustices and disturbing atmosphere that permeates our society from top to bottom is curious and ironic. To me this hits better than any metal or hard rock bands imagery and sound hits an intended degenerative or nihilist subject. Why? Well I think now we have become accustomed to the sound of say a Marylin Manson on the backdrop of any of his videos. It's too predictable. The "Cults" (not to be confused with "The Cult" obviously) oddly seem to be more metal than metal sometimes, if I can be so inclined to say that... well at least to me. I do understand that the band probably isn't intending that to happen... they probably have a very positive intention to their music and this video but that's not to say their sound and video art here is closed to interpretation. Anais Nin says "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." Such is the case for my reading of this video perhaps. I can only use myself as a filter from which to base opinions. Others might find other interpretations and I hope so.

I couldn't help but to dig through my files for an art presentation I once made to find a quote by Micheal Tsarion that I thought about after viewing this video. This quote by Micheal Tsarion isn't found anywhere else on the net but here. Its about time to put it up...

“We are in a necrotic cycle and there is nothing wrong with that. Nature has its cycles and all the way up to fractals. We have the same concept... anaerobic and catabolic cycles. The constructive and deconstructive. All that needs to happen is an attitudinal change today in which people get with this deconstructive model and allow your children to explore and understand it because they are picking up on it like antenna more then the average person who is in lockdown in this mediocrity of their life. Change is going to happen whether you like it or not. One has to realize that if you go with this deconstructive cycle then out of that comes the finest things. When you see the beauty of it, you realize that there is nothing to be fearful of at at all. All that it is doing is ending your lie, ending your illusion. It is taking away from you that which you don’t need. So let it go. “ –Micheal Tsarion

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

War Games- Shall We Play A Game? - Home Brewed Philosophies v.2

"You see phreakers sometimes got those Ally Sheedy types who unknowingly give backdoor passwords to hack into high level government defense systems (NORAD) and threaten WW3 confusing reality with gameplaying. In the end Ally Sheedy types teach computers lessons in the concept of futility. Cool huh!.... We could all use Ally Sheedy types around the house. Of course it might help if you are like Matthew Broderick...bright but unmotivated. Could help!

Lesson Learned:
Ally Sheedy types are beneficial to us all because they tell us that answers to questions are sometimes found without trying. This is Zen.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Predator 2 -Want some Candy? Waxing Home-brewed philosophies.

If you offer weird, camouflage, transparent, concentric ripple things and odd gurgle noise makers in trees candy it wont blow your head off. I learned this at 13.
You gotta be holdin a sweet toy gun. ALWAYS hold a sweet toy gun. Once you decide to use real weaponry the chances of your day taking a wrong turn increase. You must combo the use of the sweet toy gun with an offer of candy though. You try any other method at your own risk. Be responsible.

You see
Danny Glover and Gary Busey used real weaponry. They survived, while others perished, because they are Danny Glover and Gary Busey. You are not. If they had used a sweet toy gun coupled with an offer of candy that thing in the tree probably would not have been as much trouble as it was.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DMT - The Spirit Molecule

part 1...

part 2...

part 3...

part 4...

part 5...

"Our society values 'alert problem-solving' consciousness, And it de-values all other states of consciousness. Any kind of consciousness that is not related to the production or consumption of material goods is stigmatized in our society today.

Of course, we accept drunkenness. We allow people some brief respite from the material grind.

A society that subscribes to that model is a society that is going to condemn states of consciousness that have nothing to do with the alert problem-solving mentality. And if you go back to 1960s when there was a tremendous upsurge of exploration of psychedelics, I would say that the huge backlash that followed that had to do with a fear of the part of the powers that be, that if enough people went into those realms of those experiences then the very fabric of the society we have today would be picked apart, and most importantly, those in power at the top would not be in power at the top anymore." -Graham Hancock

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I believe in...

(an old writeup/prose i did once that i think should exist on here/within this blog context):

"I believe in the bending of space and time through special barbacoa tacos. I believe that kool-aid colored pineapple and cheese tamales don’t exist until you observe them. I believe that shamans regularly used what we know as “quantum physics”. I believe in a discursive analysis of the social political themes in The Smurfs. I believe that I can telepathically “jedi mind trick move” this bean and cheese chalupa across the room if I had enough training. I believe in lighting firework Tecates at Bar-B-Qs and at weddings. I believe in temporary autonomous zones with whatasized meals. I believe in having a “Five Favorite Taco Places in Texas” list requirement for being hired for any job in Texas. I believe that chupacabras are alien’s pets escaped from the Roswell UFO crash of 1947. I believe that Cheech & Chong are spiritual guides. I believe that you can bring both outer-space and a beach to Denton Texas with the proper equipment"

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dentron - The Home of Happiness

This is our 4th year in Denton Texas U.S.A. We are living in Denton proper right now ("proper" meaning properly situated away from 288). The "like a folky berekly" neo-folk-hippies, vagetarians, gear heads, artgeeks, neo-nerds, crusties, synthaholoics, gender benders, 12 pack PBR fixed gear crew, beardos, UNT jazzbos and barbacoa cadets are just too beautiful. The small slice of chillelectro folktronic vibe here is breath taking . If you turn your head sideways It looks like a cross between a David Lynch and John Waters film and that 1983 cult film called Liquid Sky. The usually obvious Richard Linklater "Slacker" film association only seems appropriate if you invert the concept and filter it through a texican-pinneapple prism. Yes, I do believe that our perceptions of so called "solids" comes through a collapse of the wave form of multiple, potential possibilities. Though normally it does embody a combination of "the bohemian charm of Berkeley with the rural folksiness of the South." However, there isn't too much of an overwhelming crusty layer of monoculture and neo-folk, tough if you travel away from "proper" too much you hit Texas. The beer on a budget drunks have saturated the place and the weirdos are authentic not plastic... strange stuff. Definitely not like San Marcos at all the 3rd week in. By the time the 1st year rolls around you say to yourself "wait this doesn't feel like a 1970's Austin or a San Marcos on shrooms wtf is this? Is this really happening in Texas? on planet Earth?" During the third year you have taken everything for granted until you travel to Austin or Kingsville, TX again and realize what you have. Great spot for a true staycation. Pics coming soon. "I'm not sorry I took the money..."